Sony CR2032 Batteries for Armbands & Slap Bands – 5 or 10 Pack. $11.95 Slap Band Gift with Order!


Genuine Sony® CR2032 Batteries are available in a 5-Pack for $9.94, or a 10-Pack for $19.25 (after your 30% Coupon Code discount on Checkout). These batteries are used in our Armbands, Slap Bands, Bike Warning Lights & Emergency Lights.

Bonus Gift: 1 LED Slap Band valued at $11.95 is included FREE with your purchase, valid until 31st March 2021. *Limit of 1 Gift per Order. Refer to instructions on Checkout to claim your bonus Gift.

WARNING: Batteries should be kept securely away from children where they can’t access them. Batteries can burn internally, so if swallowed you must seek URGENT medical attention! For further safety information, please refer to our Button Battery Safety Tips on our Home Page.

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